CHRISTIAN CARE MEDISHARE  Click here to see website:   Christian Care Medishare

A Christian Alternative to Health Insurance.


I am a member of Christian Care Medishare and have been very pleased with their service.  It is not insurance; Christians share each others expenses as a ministry. We pray for each other, and are encouraged to send cards etc. to help the healing process.

A short time after I signed up, my daughter was involved in a four wheeler accident.  We incurred about $8,000 in expenses.  When I called TCCM, the first thing I heard on the phone was "let's pray".  They paid all the expenses after the $250 deductible.  They also convinced some of the service providers to reduce or waive their charges. I know how good this is!

 If you are self-employed, or for any reason are paying for your own insurance you will find this to be much more affordable, and just as secure.  The only requirements are to be born again,  attend church, and have a clean lifestyle according to biblical principles.  Pre-existing conditions may not be covered, of course.  

For more information on my experience with Medi-Share, click here:   Please include your name, address.  You may include your phone number if you would like a personal contact. God bless you.   John Docimo